DART + GoPass


DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) gets you around Dallas and surrounding areas with modern public transit services including DART Rail, Trinity Railway Express (TRE), and DART Bus.

GoPass - DART’s Mobile ticketing app:

Dallas also has a free Trolley (MATA) connecting downtown and uptown, and a street car.  See the DART link above for additional information.  For schedule 

And tracking info: 

Fun Transportation Alternatives


 Efrogs - Serves Downtown, Uptown, Deep Ellum, Victory Park, Knox Henderson

Call or text 469-432-4055 for a ride

Art Cart - Uptown & Downtown.  Text or call with your location and number of passengers for pick up.  Calls from the Arts District get priority. 214-608-7215.

Transit Cycle - pedicab

  Other private transportation Options including Uber, Lyft, and ZipCar - most can be rented through GoPass!   



Multiple services available.

links coming soon.

Scooters and Bikes are also available downtown.  Most can be rented through GoPass!  Or you can rent on the individual sites, including Uber & Lyft for some.